A New Beginning Bodyworks LLC

Customized  Bodywork Treatment

What Kristi has found over time and experience is that knowing a wide variety of techniques is great but people don't know what to sign up for online or over the phone. So Kristi pared down the menu of available services. So using your health history, intent for the session and your commitment to well being in mind, she uses her experience, training and intuition to design a session just right for you. You know yourself that each day you feel different. Some days you wake up feeling energized and vibrant and others tired, sore or just wiped out. Each session will vary greatly, your treatment will be based on "what shows up" the day you are coming in for the session. By doing this Kristi meets you where you are at: energetically, physically and emotionally. Along with your commitment to your own ability to change from day to day and session to session the possibilities for healing and transformation are endless.

30 Minute Customized Bodywork Treatment $50

60 Minute Customized Bodywork Treatment $80

90 Minute Customized Bodywork Treatment $110

120 Minute Customized Bodywork Treatment $200

CranioSacral Therapy w/ Jean

Almost 30 years of experience

50 minutes - $90.00 (recommended for adults)

30 minutes - $60.00 (children and some adults)

Children under 1 year - $30.00