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TBB- Total Body Balancing

TBB uses a gentle, rhythmic mobilization approach to relax the muscles, fascia, joints and ligaments. Circulation, nerve and energy flow are also improved with TBB. By introducing natural movement and rhythm to the body, TBB helps to calm down an overly stressed nervous system.

TBB expands on the work and teachings of John Wernham D.O. This approach incorporates the use of long levers such as arms. Legs, head, neck and torso to reduce lines of tension and to return the body to optimum balance, and alignment.

This whole body approach affects not only the musculoskeletal system but visceral, lymphatic, nervous, and craniosacral systems.

What is the Total Body Lesion?

TBB treats the body as a whole and addresses the Total Body Lesion. The Total Body Lesion is the sum of all imbalances or dysfunctions of your mind, body and spirit at a given moment in time. These Total Body Lesions are an accumulation of every car accident, sports injury, falls, surgeries, repetitive motions, ergonomics and stress. These Total Body Lesions are influenced by both internal and external factors including your mental stressors, emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and environmental influences. Each of these experiences and stressors has an effect on the physical body and health.

Who can Benefit From TBB?

The gentle but highly effective nature of TBB makes it ideal for:

   All ages:  infants, children, adolescents, adults, and elderly populations

  •      Athletes, dancers, performers
  •      Amputees
  •      Pre- and Post- surgery
  •       Rehabilitation and sports injury
  •     Prevention and maintenance
  •    General wellness


What Should I Expect?

You will receive treatment while fully clothed so dress comfortably. TBB will begin with the evaluation which will guide the treatment and will help to measure change and progress. The practitioner uses gentle, rhythmic mobilizations of the arms, legs, head, neck and torso. The length of the session may vary from 30-90 minutes and frequency of treatment will be based on the recommendation of your practitioner. You can expect to feel decreased pain and body tension and an increase in relaxation, energy, mobility and balance following a TBB treatment. TBB can be integrated with other manual and exercise therapies.

Total Body Balancing Benefits:

  •     Sprains/strains
  •      Sciatica
  •   Headaches/migraines
  •     Digestive Issues
  •     Joint pain/stiffness
  •      Hypertension
  •    Mental stress
  •     Sports injury
  •      Whiplash
  •      Spinal dysfunction
  •      Carpal Tunnel
  •     Respiratory issues
  •      Tennis elbow
  •      Frozen shoulder
  •      Rotator cuff injury
  •     Hip pain
  •      Sacroiliac pain
  •      TMJ (Jaw pain)
  •     Torticollis
  •      Menstrual issues
  •     Urinary/bladder issues